Lists.  I love them.  I am one of these old school kind of girls that whilst embracing an iPhone with all its wonderful features…still carries a journal/diary with plenty of room for lists.  I think it is also a way of me feeling like I have things to do.  I have to open up my journal and cross each item off.  If I do not write these things down there is no guarantee they will happen.

Here is an extract of my list over the last few weeks:

  • Apply for Paid Parental Leave – this stayed on for quite a while as the website was such a ball ache.
  • Get Jenson into Painting Club from April – same time as I can do Pilates
  • Ring Kindy and find out where he is on the list – its long
  • Pay for more swimming lessons – handing him over to an instructor is getting easier every time!
  • Buy birthday cards on for next 2 months – yes, thoughtful and not forgetful
  • Write article for 2 magazines – this was left over from my work to-dos
  • Design and work on motherhood blog – this has been on the cards for a while
  • Get hair done before Mid Feb – before hibernating with roots
  • Dentist check up – ending my incredibly expensive affair with my dentist
  • Check out local Gym program for May onwards
  • Sort out wardrobes – horrible horrible job.
  • Check fixed rate on mortgage – yes! We did choose 3 years!
  • Arrange Spa trip for Mum and me for my birthday – Tick!

Now as you can see there are a number of essential as well as perhaps non-essential things on there.  I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into the hardware store without my list and not remembered what to buy.  Or into my local supermarket and totally forgotten what I had planned for dinner that night.

So I will not subscribe to baby brain – with my old school lists in hand I can appear to be as organised as the next person – the only difference is I do not know how to put these things into my iPhone…so don’t try to show me either!